DIVING CENTAR DIVE SIDE                                                   Obala  kneza Branimira b.b.
                                                           Novi Vinodolski 51250
                                                          Tel: +385/99/388-7589

Email: mail@dive-side.hr




Welcome to the website of the Diving Center DIVE SIDE


Diving Center DIVE SIDE is located on the coast of the beautiful beach in century city of Novi Vinodolski. With its own entrance, a terrace, showers, separate dressing rooms and storage equipment, we will provide you with complete comfort. Diving offer by top SSI standards covering all categories of courses for children and adults. Diving excursions to the beautiful underwater locations Kvarner, will walk you through the underwater reefs, underwater caves and walls, and memorable wrecks.

Enjoy the mystical underwater world and experience a new adventure in the society of DIVE SIDE.